Teen Therapy

The teen years are often hard and chaotic, and teens today are faced with many pressures, from social aspects and academics to work, sports, and future planning. Teen/adolescent therapy allows teens to explore and work through difficult feelings, behaviors, and situations without judgment and with support. It is a safe environment for teens to process issues that are important to them and that are affecting them.

Is your teen feeling overwhelmed? Maybe they are struggling to function? Are they feeling down and don’t understand why? Or, maybe your teen is constantly worrying or experiencing low self-esteem? Therapy can help teens learn to manage emotions and cope with situations, view experiences and themselves in a new way, and make choices that help them feel better and thrive. This is a space where your teen can explore and express who they are and embrace their imperfections. I’d love to get to know them. I’d love to help them know that they matter and are worth it.

Areas of Practice